Vision & Mission


Like an alchemist grappling with an osmotic vision of the world, CVB Studio intends to create, through the production of shapes and objects, universes of relationships between art, design and craft, understood as no longer separate disciplines but fields of experimentation, mutual contaminations. CVB intends to give shape to every moment of universal lives which, like moments of intuition, transform from ideas to experiences by capturing them. Art as a system of relations and intertwining between material and immaterial, like the Techne in the ancient times and in the Renaissance, will be able to participate in the construction of a new world, where the Other becomes the protagonist of an immersive dialogue.


CVBStudio works in the intersection between craft, design and contemporary art by creating objects or installations capable of being at the same time messages and personalized interpretations of experiences, emotions, visions. CVB collects the sentiment of the client and involves him in the artistic process of creation through the choice of materials, textures, shapes and colors, so to create unique pieces. The process is open and dynamic: the matter follows its flow, shapes are determined by the specific used processes and by the behavior of the material. This brings a sculptural approach to contemporary product design and home decor guaranteeing uniqueness for every single piece. The goal is to explore forms that irradiate with serenity the inhabited space or excite it with nuances and textures, always enhancing the affective power of everyday objects. Functionality of design joins an emotional, sensory search for human eudaemonia.

CVBStudio aims to enrich everyday experiences by tickling the senses. Touch, shapes, colors turn every little gesture into something special.