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CVBStudio is the spin-off design project by sculptor, designer and vocalist Cristiana Vignatelli Bruni.

With a background in History of Art she holds a Master in Artistic Research.

Her activity starts with collaborations as maker with architecture and interior design showrooms in Rome, such as Spazio Sette Arredamenti e Imprinting s.p.a. Teacher in sculptural and ceramic techniques and art education, her passion brings her to teach in Rome in the historical applied art school of the Aurelian Walls, as well as in Sri Lanka and The Netherlands. In constant quest for discussion she has been curating together with the Board of Architects of Rome and master sculptor Nino Caruso the event "Ceramic in Architecture" aiming to highlight the relationship amongst art, architecture and the ceramic material so to nurture crosspollination between disciplines. The imagery and the "know-how" of Italian culture, is something essential in her work as well as the knowledge of traditional techniques, starting point for any type of research. The past becomes an essential base of knowledge to advance towards new insights. The curiosity towards new techniques and construction methods is continuous and follows the desire to bring together both the use of traditional tools as well as modern digital technologies as 3D printing.

Her installations and design works have been shown in museums as Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna of Rome and Gemeente-Kunst Museum of The Hague, as well as in galleries, festivals and showrooms in Italy, The Netherlands and South Corea. In 2016 she arrives in The Netherlands where she now lives and works bringing to life her passion for experimenting with shapes and the suggestions they arise by creating inspiring everyday objects for CVBStudio.


You can find CVBStudio in:

Paviljoensgracht, 20

2512 BP, Den Haag, NL

tel: +31 (0)619223267

e-mail: [email protected]